The History Of Gin

Can you imagine a world without a Gin & Tonic?

Have you ever stopped to consider a world without a Gin & Tonic? A hot summer day without a G&T sounds pretty terrible to us.

It’s rumoured that the first gin & tonic was in fact born to fight sickness. In the late 1850s a serious malaria outbreak saw sailors drinking tonic water which back then was mainly infused with quinine – an extract from a tree that was known to stop chills. The sailors were forced to drink the water in order to combat malaria and of course the long sea journeys. However quinine was not known for being tasty and that’s when the brilliant idea was made to mix the then very cheap and popular Gin. Voila we have the Gin & Tonic! Of course nowadays our tonic is a lot tastier and sweeter, but it truly found its purpose in Gin!