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I’ll take a bit of everything!

The hardest part of eating out is deciding what to choose. It’s that constant struggle of between dishes; do you want the juicy steak or the tender chicken? What happens if you choose the wrong dish? What if your best friend ends up with the better dish? You’re going to get food envy…or even worse – you could get hangry!

There’s a simple solution to this problem… share! Ivy & Jack’s new menu has a selection of great food that can be easily enjoyed with your friends. Our sharing boards are an obvious go-to for a relaxed meal but why not look beyond and try out the chicken winglets or pan-fried squid and chorizo?

Bring your friends for a meal everyone can enjoy…no emotional crises involved!

P.S. try the caramelised onion, plum tomatoes, camembert & spinach pizza – it’s all sorts of delicious