A step by step plan of attack to the Buffet Breakfast at Ivy & Jack

We all know the drill. A buffet takes days of mental pre-planning.

You need to expand your stomach just enough that you can fit more food in, but not too much that you’re too full to eat more. You can’t drink too much water, or you’ll fill up. And most importantly; you need a plan of attack.

If you, like us, are entirely food oriented – planning your day one meal to the next – we thought we’d help you out. Behold, a plan of attack to the Ivy & Jack breakfast buffet from the experts themselves.


Step 1. Ensure you're wearing your comfiest clothes

Coming into the City purely for our buffet breakfast? Perfect. Wear those loose trackies. We don’t judge.

Looking for the perfect breakfast in Perth for a work meeting? Best to avoid the trackies, but no stress – bring a jacket to cover the fact that you had to unbutton your pants. No one will ever know.

Step 2. Coffee

Let’s be honest, this should’ve been Step 1 but preparation is key! Head straight over to the Vittoria coffee machine, press the magical buttons and watch in awe as the nectar of gods hits the bottom of your mug.

Take a gulp of that coffee and find yourself a table. Now, you’re going to need to separate with the coffee for a second, but it’s a great way to save your prime table spot.

Step 3. The egg station

We like to start with the hot food at a buffet. After all, you can eat cereal at home any day.

Our favourite part of the Ivy & Jack breakfast buffet is the Fresh Egg Station. From omelettes, to fried and poached eggs – you see it, you want it, you like it, you got it.

Freshly cooked eggs can take a few minutes to make to your liking, which means it’s ideal to put in your order straight away. Hand your order to the chef and continue….

FEELING EXTRA: Our chefs can also make you pancakes!

Step 4. Toast

Like all good things, toast takes time.
Select the slices of your choice and throw them in our conveyor toaster.

NOTE: for the ultimate golden-brown toast, ensure the toaster is on Level 7.

Step 5. Hot Food

Now that you have your toast, it’s time to pile up your plate. You won’t find a breakfast in Perth better than this.

Load up the bacon, hash browns, baked beans, stir-fry (because why not), chorizo & more potato (hallelujah), mushrooms and tomatoes (can’t forget the veges). Everything your heart desires is in the one place. Heck, there’s even party pies.

Don’t forget to pick up your eggs on the way back to the table and voila, course 1 complete.

PSA. Even though we’re talking hot food, we need to inform you that there’s brie in the cold section and that goes well with anything.

Step 6. MYO Fresh Juice

By this point you might be feeling a bit full and have a slight amount of regret at the delicious feast you’ve just eaten. Which is why Step 6 includes hitting the Make Your Own Fresh Juice Station.

Nothing says health like a juice cleanse. Don’t skimp out on the ginger, it’s good for you.

TIP: Don’t feel constrained by the fruits next to the juicer. Think creative – there’s watermelon in the cold buffet section that would go perfectly in a juice.

Step 7. Muesli & Yoghurt

While you’re feeling #healthy, now’s the best time to adventure to the cold buffet. There’s muesli, yoghurt and plenty of delicious fruit and nuts to stack on top.

Step 8. Dessert

It’s been a roller coaster of a ride, but one is never too full for dessert. Enjoy a couple of mini Danishes, croissants or muffins to complete your meal. Perfectly sized for sneaking out in your purse…not that we’ve done that before…

Step 9. Salad

We forgot to mention that there’s salad on the buffet. Not really sure who eats that for breakfast but good on you!

Step 10. Wallow in self pity

You haven’t attacked a buffet properly without a little self-wallowing. Sit back, people watch and let that food settle.

Congratulations – you have now completed the best buffet breakfast in Perth! See you again soon at Ivy & Jack.

Ivy & jack - Perth City Buffet Breakfast - Bacon and Hashbrowns
Ivy & Jack - Perth City Breakfast Buffet
Ivy & jack - Full Buffet Breakfast - Fresh Juice