Cheese & Wine

It’s winter, not the end of the world!

It’s cold and wet outside but don’t let that keep you in the house! Winter calls for more than trackies and ugg boots so get up off the couch and head into Ivy & Jack; we have just what you need! …we’re talking cheese & wine.

Are you a comté or a soft brie lover? Perhaps you like something a bit stronger, say a Roquefort blue cheese? Pair that with some fresh, toasted bread and you’ll be in heaven! It doesn’t stop there though; why not have that cheese with some pâté? Oooh the chorizo or pork and pistachio terrine taste incredible too. Can’t forget about the wine either! A bottle of Clairault would go perfectly…sorry we’ll stop there.

If you’re salivating right now like we are then head right on over to Ivy & Jack to cure your cheese & wine fix! We’ll save you a booth.